Raw fish and sea fruits


- 70gr -

  • Sicilian tuna
  • Golden Mouth Shad
  • Capasanta Atlantica
  • Salmon Norway
  • Sashimi Tasting:

    Sicilian Tuna, Bocca D'Oro Shrimp, Atlantic Scallop, Norway Salmon


  • Scampo Sicily
  • Sicilian red shrimp
  • Sicilian's thygrate mazzancolla
  • New Caledonia Blue Prawn
  • Tasting Crustaceans:

    2 Sicilian Scampi, 2 Sicilian Red Shrimp,
    2 Sicilian tiger prawns, 2 Blue prawns


  • Special Foam Utah Beach


  • Special Irish Supreme


  • Tasting Oysters:

    2 Special Foam Utah Beach, 2 Special Irish Supreme

  • Raw tasting of fish and sea fruits

    Sicilian Tuna, Mediterranean Sea Shrimp, Atlantic Scallop, Norway Salmon, 2 Sicilian Scampi, 2 Sicilian Red Shrimp, 2 Blue Shrimp, 2 Sicilian Tiger Prawns, 2 Special Foam Utah Beach, 2 Special Irish Supreme

Cooked fish and seafood

  • Baby octopus, tomato puree, garden vegetable caponata
  • Fried pink shrimp, chickpea hummus
  • Julienne of cuttlefish, stewed leek, toasted almonds, thyme
  • Chips of polenta bramata and kale,
    marinated rainbow trout tartare
  • Marinated anchovies, toasted brioche bun with noisette butter, Sichuan pepper
  • Sarde in Saor
  • Cooked tasting
    of fish and seafood

    Baby octopus, tomato puree, garden vegetable caponata, fried pink shrimp with Chickpea hummus, cuttlefish julienne, stewed leek, toasted almonds, thyme Bramata polenta and kale chips, tartare of marinated rainbow trout, marinated anchovies, pan toasted brioche with noisette butter, Sichuan pepper, Sarde in saor


  • Sardines
  • Squid Rings
  • Red mullet
  • Octopus
  • Oysters
  • Atlantic Scallop Nuts
  • Penaeus shrimp
  • Shrimp
  • Atlantic Lobster
  • Tempura Tasting

    4 Sardines, 100gr Squid Rings, 100gr Octopus, 2 Oysters, 2 Atlantic Scallop Nuts,
    2 Red mullet, 2 Atlantic langoustines, 2 Shrimp, 2 Penaeus shrimp.

Traditional recipes thank you
to homemade pasta

From the land to the table:
the best produce from our garden

Land and Sea


  • Mussel marinade, homemade bread with mince
    Of garlic garden herbs
  • Milk White veal tartare, fennel salad,
    fuji apples and cashews
  • Rustic puff pastry, asparagus, stracchino del Baldo cheese, Tuscan bacon cooked at low temperature
  • Iron Cup pumpkin pie, purple cabbage coulis, chopped walnuts


  • Homemade Senatore Cappelli durum wheat tortelli filled with ricotta di malga cheese and Sicilian scampi, light bisque
  • Turanicum durum wheat linguine, watercress pesto, veracious clams
  • Homemade Senatore Cappelli durum wheat fettuccine, lamb ragout, violet artichoke
  • Buckwheat, green peas, peas, pesto alla Trapanese


  • Fish Grill

    (Recommended for 2 people)

  • Monkfish tail, agretti sauté, yogurt sauce
    and tarragon


  • Myrtle-scented Lessinia kid with his bottom, garden vegetable caponata
  • Millefeuille of chickpea porridge, fondue of
    Pecorino Romano cheese, spinach from the garden


  • New potato with rosemary
  • Caponata of garden vegetables
  • Salad Mysticanza
  • Stewed borlotti beans in tomato paste

Pampering of the house

  • Robiola cheese cake with berries
  • Tiramisu with gianduia and sponge cake flavored with hazelnut liqueur
  • Apricot and rosemary creme brulée
  • Ancient grain Sbrisolona, almond cream cheese and Vin Santo
  • Selection of homemade ice creams
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