Of Flesh
  • Cutting board Cà Toresele

    Prosciutto Crudo di Parma PDO 22 months, Mortadella, Speck 9 months, Taleggio di Malga, Monte Veronese DOP d'Allevo Mezzano with delicacies in oil

  • Raw meat of Garronese

    Knife-beaten raw meat of Garronese veneta, beef heart tomato basil-scented, chopped Nocellara del Belice olives, parmesan wafer

Of Fish
  • Homemade focaccia with salmon, burrata di Corato cheese, candied lemon zest
  • Bruschetta with Chianina tuna fillets, saffron mayo, baby spinach
  • Fried paranza
From the garden
  • Eggplant parmigiana with goat's cheese crescenza fondue
  • Homemade sandwich, mini chickpea burger, stracchino cheese from Casara del Baldo, molesini from the garden
  • Bufala mozzarella, Camone tomato salad and Nocellara del Belice olives, garden oregano
  • Burrata pugliese, pea pesto, sun-dried tomatoes

Cooked fish and seafood

  • Baby octopus, tomato puree, garden vegetable caponata
  • Fried pink shrimp, chickpea hummus "Cesconi"
  • Julienne of cuttlefish, stewed leek, toasted almonds, thyme
  • Bramata polenta and kale chips, marinated rainbow trout tartare
  • Marinated anchovies, toasted brioche bun with noisette butter, Sichuan pepper
  • Sarde in Saor
  • Sardines
  • Squid rings
  • Red mullet
  • Octopus
  • Oysters
  • Atlantic Scallop Nuts
  • Penaeus shrimp
  • Prawns
  • Atlantic Lobster

Raw fish and sea fruits

  • Arctic char
  • Golden Mouth Shrimp
  • Capasanta Atlantica
  • Salmon Norway
Crustaceans per piece
  • Scampo Sicily
  • Sicilian red shrimp
  • Sicilian's thygrate mazzancolla
  • Blue Prawn New Caledonia
Oysters by piece
  • Special Utah Beach (Normandy)
  • Special Irish Supreme (Ireland)


  • Basa Liço

    Cachaça, Lime Juice, Coconut Sugar Syrup, Basil, Ginger Beer

  • Mejito

    White Rum, Lime, Lemon Balm, Sugar

  • Garden Sugar

    Aguardiente, Sugar, Lime, Herbs.

  • Sunset

    Whiskey, Disaronno, Campari Bitter, Orange juice

  • Old Fashioned

    Whiskey, Angostura, Sugar, Soda

  • Camomille Sour

    Chamomile-infused whiskey, Lemon Juice, Sugar

  • Kiss Me

    Dark rum, Chartreusegialla, Sugar, Lemon juice, Ginger, Passion fruit

  • Tropical Tree

    Tequila, Mango, Sugar, Lime Juice

The Classics
  • American

    Campari Bitter, Cinzano Vermouth, Seltz

  • Negroni

    Campari Bitter, Cinzano Vermouth, Bulldog Gin

  • Wild & Ginger

    Wild Turkey Bourbon, Aromatic Bitter, Thomas Henry Ginger Beer

  • Whiskey Sour

    Wild Turkey Bourbon, Sugar, Lemon Juice


  • Hendrick's Gin
  • Gin Bulldog
  • Gin Sea
  • Gin Monkey
  • Gin Roku
  • Gin Gunpowder Irisk
  • Gin Dol
  • Professor Madame Gin
  • Professor Monsieu's Gin
  • Altamura Vodka
  • Vodka Giovi Sicily
  • Beluga Vodka
  • Crystal Head Vodka
  • Greygoose Vodka
Wines by the glass
  • Prosecco Brut DOCG Bosco di Gica "Adami"
  • Franciacorta Brut Vintage 2018 "Majolini"
  • Trento Doc Brut "Zell"
  • Champagne L'Origine Cuvée les Grappes d'or "Eric Isselee"
  • Lugana Tre Campane 2022 "Marangona"
  • Vin da Goti "Filippi"
  • Dolomites 2021 "Cesconi"
  • Gewuzstraminer "Goccia D'Oro"
  • Valpolicella 2022 "Il Monte Caro"
Draft beer
  • Pils - 5.2% vol - FLÖTZINGER
Bottled beer
  • 1291 Pils 4.9% vol - Hound 0.33
  • Hop.e American Ipa 5.7% vol - Hound 0.33
  • Pinka Session Ipa 4.5% vol - Hound 0.33
  • South - Witbier 4.5% vol - Baladin 0.33
  • National 6% vol - Baladin 0.33
  • Isacc 5% - Baladin 0.75
  • Flotzinger Hell Flotzinger Hefe-Weiss
  • Cider Per - Pear 4.8% vol
  • Cider Pilot Apple - 4.8% vol
  • Kombucha Original Blend
    "Legend Kombucha"
  • Kombucha Ginger Bomb
    "Legend Kombucha"
  • Kombucha Strawberry Fields - strawberry and lime
    "Legend Kombucha"
  • Kombucha Purple Passion - passion and pineapple
    "Legend Kombucha"
  • Kombucha Del L'Orto - rosemary and sage
    "Legend Kombucha"
Beverages Cortese Line BIO
  • Chinotto - Cedrata - Red Orangeade - Gingerbread - Lemonade - Peach Tea
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